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Matt Mullenweg – February 9, 2015

2/9/15 Matt Mullenweg
      • Founder of wordpress
      • “famous five minute installation.” differentiated WordPress by making installation easy and free, unlike the competition which made it complicated and used it as part of their profit model.
    • TF – a good trainer or coach is enabling the client to make themselves obsolete.
    • Entrepreneurs don’t plan for success. What happens when you reach a goal?
    • Qwerty alternative Dvorak keyboard better for than qwerty for speed and tendons. Built into every modern computer. Colemek is even more efficient.
  • They use slack as instant messenger, replacing Skype. More scalable.
  • P2 to replace email.
  • Momentum chrome extension – Daily focus.
  • Simplenotes and wonderlist
  • Telegram good for encrypted messaging
  • TF – rig the game so you can get little wins instead of ambitious losses.
  • Vast majority of automatikk employees are not made to focus for the business side of work.
  • Only three standing meetings a month.
  • Books – How Proust can change your life, field guide to getting lost, the effective executive, words that work, the art of the start, Peter Thiel zero to one,
  • If you’re ever bored in a conversation, it’s on you, not them
  • Read – Warren Buffet letters
  • Challenge conventional wisdom, even shared by the people you admire.
  • Advice: Slow down to go further. Build a good foundation.