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Maria Popova – July 23, 2015

7/23 Maria Popova
  • Create for yourself. That is rewarding and sustainable.
  • Write to please just one person.
  • Content is currency. That’s a bad thing bc it perverts your motives to create.
  • Be content with yourself but never self satisfied
  • Do great work simply because you love it.
  • Van Gogh’s art didn’t take his life, it redeemed it. Without it he would have just died an average mad man.
  • Formula for Greatness = consistency + great love of the work.
  • Read to make sense of life. Read what will help you in the moment.
  • *Read: the diaries of Henry David thorough
  • Sitting is the new smoking.
  • The really efficient laborer will not crowd his day with hard work.
  • “those who work much, do not work hard.” H d thorou
  • Interest is not affirmation of worth. Over time this does not make you proud inside.