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Marc Andreessen – May 28, 2016

Marc Andreessen – May 28, 2016
  • Strong views, held loosely. Be willing and ready to chance the mind in life and business.
  • Exceptional people love critique.
  • Peanuts was a 60 year art project with commentary.
  • Mid 90’s Internet – the PC was old news. The Internet became the new Frontier.
  • Internet was a fringe until it exploded. The next equivalent is a fringe, until it will explode.
  • Litmus test for the next big industry – what do the nerds do on nights and weekends?
    • Cryptocurrency, health hacking, food hacking, robotics, deep learning (pincer flow from Google).
  • AI won’t kill us.
  • Rate of job creation and destruction actually falling. American economy less dynamic.
  • Change and progress are good. Ludites are fear mongers.
  • Old school investors like Warren Buffet bet against change, Silicon Valley investors bet for change.
  • Tech advances quickly when you can make things without permission. Computers let masses create without permission.
  • Autonomous consumer drones and commercial drones will massive markets.
    • Commercial drones for insurance. Inspecting roofs, cell towers, tall rigs.
  • Cryptocurrency – people are very upset with money, and defensive of old currencies.
    • Company – 21. Run by an Edison type.
  • Halt and Catch fire TV show