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Kevin Kelly – August 7, 2015

8/7/15 Kevin Kelly
  • The future low hanging fruit is AI, in things like web servicing and electricity. Unknown opportunities in enterprise application.
  • Life changing habit – read ten full books a year.
  • Learn to discipline your learning. Learn how your learning works, and optimize that.
  • Start with yourself as a dissatisfied customer, and scale from there. Don’t worry about the mass market.
  • Concerned with nationalism. One nation’s interests trumping others is not the core of human growth. He says conflict in digital warfare is bad. No digital rules.
  • No such thing as national digital security
  • Be patient with yourself. Success will not always be immediate, and sometimes the technology that you will excel in just hasn’t been invented yet. Think broadly and keep trying new things.
    • But it won’t happen by chance.
  • Singularity as an AI to take over will not happen.