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Joshua Skenes – April 30, 2016

Joshua Skenes – April 30, 2016
Chef owner Saison in San Francisco. Collaborated with Ferriss on Four Hour Chef.
  • Fresh fish isn’t always the best fish. Aged can improve flavor.
  • Martial arts has taught him to do as little as possible to the food, to make it pleasurable in its essence.
  • Less is more, in martial arts, food and life.
  • Magic bull – seran wrap stretched tight over glass top, putting food on top of it to make it look like it’s floating.
  • Repeat the same process thousands of times to get a better understanding of it, and refine over time.
  • “If I’m gonna be broke, I’d rather be happy and broke, than miserable and broke” – thought that led to opening Saison.
  • Book – cocktail techniques
  • Book – the Dao of Tai Chi
  • Success – living what brings you joy. Finding your own freedom.
  • Tai Chi for rehab, prehab