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Joel Stein interviews Tim Ferriss

Joel Stein interviews Tim Ferriss
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  • Movie Idiocracy
  • How to start in self improvement – ID YOUR) your pain points by doing 80/20 analysis. Write down 20% of your issues that cause 80% of the problems in your life.
  • Subtract habits & ideas, instead of just adding new ones.
  • How do you say no to people? “I’m taking a meeting vacation” “taking an X vacation.”
  • Introducing people – ask permission from people before introducing them.
  • “what gets measured gets managed” create a goal that you can quantify. Assess baseline, and measure against it.
  • Find a way to score your performance so that you can work on improving it.
  • Does self improvement lead to selfishness? TF – references Ben Franklin and his 13 virtues.
    • Helping others effectively can often start with helping yourself first.
  • Address the roots of problems. Cutting coffee consumption starts with understanding why you’re drinking so much of it in the first place.
  • Email is a tool that has been misappropriated for inefficient tasks. Can be replaced with project mgmt software. Email is not a follow up system.
    • Slack is an alternative in business
    • Screenflow to teach a skill or repetitive tasks.
  • If you have repetitive tasks, what system can you put in place that will only need you to create once and never again.
  • Apply 80/20 rule to finding the good in your life as well.
  • How many unimportant factors are affecting your output? Can you cut them out? Can you automate them? Of what’s left, what can you delegate?
  • People are drowning in useless tools because they don’t have goals.