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Jocko Willink – September 25, 2015

9/25 Jocko Willink
  • Served Seal team in Ramadi. Designed and trained all West coast Seal teams.
  • Teaches combat leadership principles in business.
  • Book – Extreme Ownership – read intro, chapters 1,6,12.
  • Tea – pomegranate white tea. Great for focus.
  • Dealing with people is always the hardest element of any mission/business/project
  • “conformist rebellion” – tf
  • Humility separates a good commander from a bad commander.
  • As a leader, you should always be looking for and adapting to new styles.
  • A good leader realizes that he will fail, and uses that failure to learn. Take careful notes on feedback.
  • You need to be humble and coachable at every level.
  • Detachment – detach from situation and observe it. Look at yourself in third person. “are you being too emotional right now?”
    • Much easier to deal with high stress when detached
  • Wake up early. A psychological win over the enemy.
    • AM workout. Be done by sunrise.
    • Surfing
  • Fearlessness isn’t having no fear, but overcoming it.
  • To be a man: 1)barebones- do you have the skills for food, shelter and water? 2)Learn how to fight. 3) go into combat 4) get married and have kids
  • Simulate fear and stress.
  • Book: about face colonel David Hackworth, blood meridian
  • As a leader, don’t just give orders, lead!
  • “discipline is freedom” – the more disciplined you are with time management, the more free time you have. The more disciplined you are with your diet, the more freedom you have.
  • TF – reserve your creativity for the things that require creativity
  • Don’t be constantly needy as a leader.
  • No matter how bad your boss, take ownership of that relationship and build trust. If you have a problem with your boss, it’s your fault.
  • Cover and move in business
  • Two is one and one is none. Always have a backup.