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Jimmy Chin – October 20, 2015

10/20 Jimmy Chin
  • Meru documentary – watch.
  • Climbers and skiers are always looking for the first ascent or the first descent. A name associated with a slope or a mountain.
  • Just spending time with a mentor is valuable.
  • Nothing takes you out of the trivialities of life more than the fear of (climbing).
  • TF – malaise among men today causes issues for men.
  • Books: Musashi. The guide to the yi ching (sp?) – Carol Anthony
  • Morning routine – meditate consistently. He likes to finish all of his work as early as possible, the  spend the day hiking, working out, etc.
  • Be the laziest motivated person that you know.
  • She launched website just before eBay banned her. Coincidentally.
    • If you have something great, people will talk about it.
    • NastyGal site launched to great free Press because of unique brand.
  • Not just the product should be unique, but the way you talk about it as well.