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Edward Norton 1/18

Edward Norton 1/18
  • Surfing is a very real addiction. But a good one. It corrects posture problems. There is meditative value. Mindful.
  • For American History X mass – calories loaded, lifting. Then get form and definition by cutting fat. And they cast smaller people around him to make him appear larger.
  • Turned off by acting dogma – learn many skills for many acting situations.
  • We are all always acting, in countless situations in our daily lives. It’s natural to us. The reason we act badly in front of an audience or camera is that our self consciousness comes out. Tension, fight or flight kicks in.
  • Sometimes the counter intuitive choice is exactly the post powerful choice.
  • A smaller person can win a fight against a much larger opponent by utilizing their own size and momentum.
  • Documentary – Choke – martial arts and Japanese culture.
  • Humans in NY blog – chronicling the modern day working man.
  • Crowdrise – crowdsourcing money for individuals and charities with minimal fees.
    • Without stretching or hurting yourself, you can give to charities that really need you.
    • Don’t wait for the government to work through the bureaucracy to affect change, start your own tiny movement.
  • Be bold in opening a serious Conversation about a taboo subject. It can change the world and make us reexamine why we fear certain things.
  • Tocqueville – Americans are unique in that they just start things. They iterate and learn quickly.
  • You don’t need to have a big move to greatness, just get a lot of other people to make little moves towards it.
  • Everyone in the world has a dozen assets they can leverage to affect change. No money needed.
  • Success – it’s not about the first people who spring to mind. It’s about being a role model.
    • Money as success is a recipe for despair.
  • Books – Wind, Sand and Stars. Black Swan.
  • Essays – Second Wind, Catastrophe of Success.
  • Documentaries – the cruise. Adam Curtis – the power of nightmares.
  • Movies – A Prophet – gangster film. Rust in Bone. The Revenant.
  • Would tell his 30 year old self to commit to fewer things. They become a cage of obligation.
  • Advice to senior year in college – go live abroad.
  • Nietzsche – the ubermensch is not the perfect person, but the person who is perpetually trying to self overcoming.
  • TF – make this year the year they you astonish yourself and be proud of. It’s easier than you might think.