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Alex Honnold – May 17, 2016

Alex Honnold – May 17, 2016
Adventure climber, climbs without a rope. Free soloing. Loves out of van, despite sponsorship and success.
  • Planned to be an engineer, became a climber instead.
  • Dirtbag – living on the road, going from one climb to another.
  • Sponsorship and corporate money in climbing isn’t bad.
  • No self talk before a climb.
  • Life philosophy – Live simply, minimal baggage to climb as much as possible.
  • Big breakfast, no lunch (or snack), big dinner. Reflects climbing.
  • In free soloing, smaller climbs just need one sugar bar, nothing more.
  • In climbing, tendon injury more common in adults than children.
  • Gives ⅓ of income to environmental fund.
  • Injuries are a big hurdle.
  • Stretching and light exercise as a warm up.
  • If can’t climb, works out by biking or skiing.
  • Maintain antagonist muscles to balance out injuries.
  • Was at Berkeley for a semester. Worked night security there. Dropped out to travel and climb. When his dad died, the pressure to go to school died.
  • Book – secret economics.
  • Risk assessment – don’t overthink it, go with your intuition.
  • Needs a degree of comfort on a route before free soloing.
  • Product – noise canceling headphones.
  • Loves Indiana Jones soundtrack.
  • Successful – impulse to think Elon Musk. But not a startup guy.
  • Movies – Hollywood fluff.
  • New Van best purchase of his year.
  • Climbing puts fear into perspective.
  • Doesn’t like coffee.
  • Don’t go to college if you don’t know of why you’re going.