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Nicholas McCarthy – Episode 174

One handed concert pianist that only started playing at 14. 

  • Started piano after disliking school and not having interest in most things. 
  • Hears a friend play and was transported into the world of piano. 
  • Ten minutes that triggered a lifelong change. Then immediately decided to become a concert pianist. 
  • Parents bought him a keyboard and he started teaching himself. 
  • Seminal moment – his sad screamed from downstairs asking him to turn the radio down. It was actually him playing. 
  • That’s when they realized  that it’s time for formal lessons. That he’s serious. 
  • Play the long game – can take 20 years to build a reputation, 20 minutes to destroy it. 
  • At 17 was rejected from Piano school because was told that 1 handed people can’t play piano. 
  • Organizations take on the personality of their leaders.