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Mike Birbiglia – Episode 176

Movie – don’t think twice

  • Host dinner parties to solicit good feedback (even if they’re just over for pizza) 
  • Sleepwalk with me project 
  • Write before 7 am, before your inhibitions take over. 
  • Tim – Started 4 hour workweek as an email to a close friend. 
  • Writer in notebook when possible. Magic screenwriter when digital. 
  • Bonus points for meaningful notebook. 
  • When procrastinating the writing process, sets a coffee date with himself to write. Leaves a third person handwritten note by desk to remind himself. 
  • Starts with stream of consciousness when writing. “only emotion endures” 
  • Puts up mind writing quotes in his work area when creating content. 
  • “art is socialism, but life is capitalism.”
  • A small dinner party can give you as much development info  as a big corporate spend with focus groups. 
  • Tim – to solicit writing feedback:first ask people to highlight sections that are unclear. 
  • An early cancer threat showed him that life is short. Facing death made him push the boundaries and perform. 
  • Don’t bow to the gatekeepers of any field you want to get into. You are the gatekeeper. 
  • Sleep. Ease into it, don’t crash into it. 
  • Effective comedy – start terribly and land it amazingly. 
  • Instead of spending marketing money, he spent that on being a walking billboard for his latest film. Including hosting free comedy workshops nationwide.