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Paleo Ethics

How do we find principles so basic to our existence, that a caveman could appreciate them?

I’ve been spending time thinking about what primary colors decorate the path for a meaningful journey through life? What are the first principles that we could build a satisfying life on?

Success, happiness, passion? They’re obscure, and their meaning has a wide variety of interpretations. In a conversation with my friend Susan, she asked:

how do we move from success to significance?

Significance more measurable, tangible, meaningful. More importantly, it’s selfless. What can we do to impact our tribe?

I was fortunate to learn two first principles this week.

Significance and Flow.

When people seek their passion, their calling and their meaning, they might be looking for a way to channel Flow.

Flow as defined by a brain state of selflessness, effortlessness, timelessness, richness. (Steven Kotler, Stealing Fire)

The body craves deep work, and in a secular age without prayer or ritual, most laypeople aren’t given a way to tap into that ancient state of flow.

It’s the force that addicted primative man to hunting, toolmaking, creating. It’s an evolutionary core that sits forgotten in our modern souls.

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