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Thought burner 

I’m writing this post on a burner phone. 

It’s 5 am. I’m on the run, and they might catch me soon. Taking it one morning at a time, hidden behind this lens with nothing by my thoughts. 

But that’s a good thing. Because I’m hiding from the noise. 

Alarm rings. Noise. Push notifications. Noise. Emails, texts, apps, one screaming louder than the next for my attention. 


But my tragic flaw is that I’m a Cyborg. The machine is such a big part of my life flow that it might as well well be implanted in me. It means that the noise might as well be implanted in me. 

As of this morning I’m testing the idea of using a burner. An old phone that only has my writing apps installed, with no other distractions. 

I’m a cyborg on the run from the noise, writing this post on a burner. A small step to escaping from a world of endless noise.

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