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Super Snacks – Big Words & Cell Phone Hacks

Defeat Phone Addiction

Super exciting trick to make your phone less addictive – set it to grayscale (aka Black and White). The theory being that your mind will be less interested in it than the 4K, full-color world around you.

It’s amazing!

For Android:

Settings > Developer Options > Enable > Simulate Color Space > Monochromacy

For IPhone:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Grayscale

Gratitude Journal

Found a research study published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine that took recovering heart failure patients and split them into two groups, one that practiced a gratitude journal, and one that did not. The gratitude journal group had less inflammation, less depression, better sleep quality and had an overall better quality of life. The Gratitude Study.

If keeping a gratitude journal sounds sappy, saying three things I’m grateful for just before bed is effective. It’s a great ritual for couples, turning to each other and telling each other those three things every night. Or try it first thing in the morning, especially if you don’t have a meditation practice.

Make it as easy to do consistently, and you’ll love a great life.

Listen to Ben Greenfield interview gratitude researcher Owen Griffith.

Are you significant?

A good weekly practice I’ll be trying is to pick a word, and sit with it for a week. Think about it, sleep on it, talk about it, write about it, make drawings on cocktail napkins related to it.

A type-A perfectionist can sit with the word Perfection. It could be anything that seems relevant at the moment.

A word on my mind lately is Significance. Does success mean significance? Can you find significance in failure? How do you help other people find their significance?

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