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Searching for Joker

People are tense, nervous, frustrated, scared. One trigger point away from losing it all. Hostages to fear and anger. 
I’m talking about people riding the MTA. 

People stuck in traffic. 

People waiting for hair appointments. 

Normal people losing it all on a hair trigger. I’ve been there, letting the stress of cosmopolitan life rot your soul. Seeing the waiter or gym attendant become your mortal enemy. 

But he’s not The joker. 

When I feel the triggering coming, that’s what I tell myself. This customer service rep’s open scorn is bad, but she’s not The Joker. 

The Joker was a worthy villain for Batman. Matching him in wit, using chaos to match strength. A senseless evil foil for Batman’s incensed crusade against evil. A worthy nemesis. 

But is the sassy barista your worthy enemy? Would you be happy if this was your last battle? A valiant stand against a poor customer service. 

Here lays Vlad, who struck a misplaced blow to beaureucratic mismanagement. 

One day I might find the joker, but today it’s not the parent of the crying baby kicking my airplane seat. 

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