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Mermaid Inn Review

The temperatures may have dipped to the single digits in NY, but a plate of good seafood will always warm the soul.

This is my second dining experience at the Mermaid Inn (East Village location) and they always provide an excellent selection of seafood and great ambiance. We were a party of 6 and were seated almost immediately (no easy feat on a Thursday night in The City).

First the oysters. They were (all East Coast):

  • Blue Point – Large oysters with a mild flavor and lots of brine. Excellent.
  • Matunuck – The smallest of the bunch, they had a crisp brine and paired great with horseradish.
  • Naked Cowboy Oysters – The largest of the three, they were also my favorite. Full of flavor and a mouthful to boot.

Following our waitresses recommendation, we paired the oysters with a dry white wine, Arona from New Zealand. The best description I have for it is — not sweet, but fruity. It was a perfect combination with the shellfish.

pan seared atlantic flounder
Pan Seared Atlantic Flounder – Mermaid Inn Special

Onto the Entree.

I ordered the night’s special: Pan Seared Atlantic Flounder. The fish itself was fantastic; full flavor but not too ‘fishy’. It was served with a parsley root and lemon puree. I loved the idea, but the lemon flavor was a little too overbearing, pulling focus from the spectacular fish. The dish was good, not great.

The entree’s took a little long to come out; the menu fairly priced, but not cheap; the staff were attentive but not overbearing. Overall, it was a great dinner and I would recommend it.


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