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Intimidated by my own website

It wasn’t even written that well. 

Two weeks ago I wrote a review for Derren Brown’s new live show, SECRET. Unexpectedly, Derren decided to share it on his social media feeds. I had the advantage of being at the first preview show, and as a result, one of the first blogs to review it. 

Being first to market has its advantages. 

Within minutes my site was crashing. An hour later, I had more visitors to Vladdit than every other day of this site’s existence, combined. They weren’t huge numbers, but they were enough to shock my host servers and repeatedly crash the page. 

It was exhilarating to watch. Satisfying…and intimidating. What do I write next? How do I follow that act? I clearly didn’t think much of the post, but the traffic levels seemed to disagree. 

That’s why I haven’t touched the site in two weeks. Funny enough, the last two weeks have been some of the most action packed and active of my life, with tons of fodder for content. But performance anxiety has kept me away. 

But the hardest step in any process is the first. Sometimes is takes that step to get back on the horse and ride to greener pastures. Here goes nothing. 

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