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Derren Brown NYC

It’s finally happening, the great Derren Brown is coming to New York! Already have my opening night tickets – full Derren Brown: Secret review incoming!  His live show is a huge award winning success in the UK – and I’ve waited over a decade to see it. 

Derren started his career as a hypnotist and magician. Over time, he became more interested in the deep psychology of magic and created a brand of performance never before seen.  

Can you persuade a corporate worker to rob an armored car? Can you make an honest person push someone off of a building? Can you take a person who is afraid to fly, and have them land a plane in a disaster? What does it take to turn an unsuspecting man an assassin? He takes unsuspecting people and shows what persuasion and human will can accomplish, both good and bad. His Documentaries are legendary, his performance style is magnetic. Elegant, elevated, edgy. 

He has shown the power of combining unrelated concepts into new categories. Documentaries and Psychological Experiments. Persuasion and Magic. He is an Idea Machine if there ever was one, James Altucher would be proud. If you’re in the New York area, Derren Brown: Secret will be the best live show of the year, promise. It runs at the Linda Gross Theater from April 21 – June 4, 2017.

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