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Chris Young – Episode 173

  • Salad is a silent killer – plants evolve chemical protections against predators. Spinach contains ocylic acid that leads to iron deficiency, not the great source of iron that people promise. 
  • Was a PhD student, burned out on school and relationships, and left it all by becoming a cook. 
  • Leave your job when you have maxed out your learning curve. 
  • Valve Corp one track mind – does this help solve a problem for gamers? 
  • Gave from Valve is friends with Neil Stephenson. Not a shock. 
  • Valve employee handbook – the only HR document you’ll ever want to read. Amazing. 
  • Valve – a successful response by Gabe to everything he hated about working in Microsoft culture. 
  • Hire people with a proven track record of shipping  stuff – getting things done. Not just ideas. 
  • Rigid structure is a short term gain, long term disaster. 
  • We tend to bias ourselves to the data, and it hurts in the long term. 
  • Science isn’t just the math, it’s the story of the people involved. 
  • The Fat Duck – they were off at a contest of elite chefs and he was named the most important chef cooking today. At the same time, his restaurant was struggling to make payroll at home. The next day they earned their third Michelin Star, and the phone started ringing off the hook. Voted best restaurant in the world. 
  • If you want to be the best in the world, forget about fame and money. 
  • Advice to his late 20’s – dispense the ego and hubris. Chasing celebrity makes you a joke.