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Buzz words of a company dead in the water

I don’t know if these words are a pet peeve of mine, or genuinely that bad. But if you hear them, it might be a sign of trouble ahead. 

  • Business need – the best way to stifle growth in a company is to focus on business needs. 
  • Discovery phase – it’s a way of telling interested parties to stay out of your project. Regardless of the value they may add. 
  • Holistic – a word that means everything, means nothing. 
  • Stakeholders – you see this one a lot in the public sector. 
  • Silos 
  • Innovation – if you’re saying it, you’re probably not doing it. 
  • Collaboration – see above. 
  • Feedback – more HR speak. 
  • Casual encounter
  • Hallway reputation – this is HR speak for “you’re gonna get fired soon.” 
  • Career development opportunities
  • Process – Like business need and governments, you hear this in places with little creative growth. 
  • Omni channel – like innovation, if you’re saying it, you’re probably not doing it. 
  • Governance – sign of a company being choked by red tape. 
  • Test and Learn – fancy talk for a guilty conscience battling with the need to explore. If you need a label for exploration, you’re in trouble. 
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