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Which is the Best Self Help Program?

I’ve gone on the record criticizing the self help movement,but I wasn’t being completely honest. Yes, most of the self help industry is seedy, weird, sometimes even abusive. But the truth is that it works. Every diet, every self development strategy, every exercise program, every business book.

It doesn’t really matter what field or guide, it all works, as long as you do the work. It doesn’t matter what system you follow, as long as you follow it consistently. As long as doing becomes your default state.

Whatever your framework, you’ll have dark times and low points. Believe in it. The system will always be there, like a crutch. A stable foundation that you can rely on when there’s not much else that’s reliable.

If you sink back into old habits, then it’s likely not the system, but your commitment at fault.

My old motto was Learn, Adapt, Optimize, but maybe it should have been Do, Adapt, Optimize, because learning is a side effect of doing.


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